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--- Our Refund & Return Policy ---

-- We stand 100% behind our services. --


Our professional consultations are confidential and may involve the devising of marketing strategies, the results of research conducted on behalf of clients, and the sharing of our expertise and recommendations. Since the purpose of our professional consultations is to educate clients so that they may utilize our information, research, planning and recommendations, we offer no returns on consultations.

Web Design/Programming

The building of a website normally takes several weeks, at minimum. Given that, in performing our web design and programming services, we also provide marketing and Internet marketing consultation; are in constant communication with our clients and seek their approval at every step before proceeding, we do not offer refunds on websites or any/all advanced programming performed.

Graphic Design

The creation of customized graphics (ex: Logo, Stationary, Brochure, Advertising, Packaging, etc.) takes time, patience and a skill level beyond the normal. In performing our custom graphic design services, we may also provide brand (identity), marketing and directional business consultation; are in constant communication with our clients and seek their approval at every step before proceeding, we do not offer refunds on any/all graphic design services performed.

Video Production

CreatiVerve does not offer a return on Video Production due to the fact that Commercials made for Television, Custom DVD's, Trade Show Presentations, etc. require many hours of planning, shooting and editing time which can not be given back to the individuals involved. The associated hard-costs of studio time, necessary permits, cast/crew, rentals, film/development, color processing, duplication, editing labs, etc. are also key factors in the no-refund policy.


CreatiVerve does not offer a return on photography already shot. If the photographs in question need to be reshot because of a photographer or CreatiVerve error, there will be no charge.

Hosting Services

Hosting Services are billed annually and are 100% non-refundable regardless of when/if a client changes providers or goes out of business.

Marketing Services

Our Marketing Services have been listed and explained above. If for any reason it is not clear, we do not offer returns or refunds on any/all of the Marketing Services we offer.

1: to give back, especially money; return or repay: refunded the purchase price 2: a repayment of funds.

1: give back; "render money" 2: go back to a previous state.

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