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by: Daniel J. Rocca
Owner/Director of CreatiVerve

Voting is the privilege of Freedom!

Study the possibilities. Make an educated choice. VOTE!

Because we live in America we as citizens have the right to choose, it is our privilege and also our responsibility. Because were human, we have our own opinion and when we reach a certain age, individually we decide what is right and what is wrong. Understand, that we as people by voting will decide our nation's fate and not just for the next four years. The freedom of choice is important to us as a nation, being able to vote is a privilege that should never be neglected!

Let's say you wanted to build your dream home, everyone has one. When you go to design it, who will you choose as your architect? Would I be correct in saying you would want it designed by the best possible draftsman available? And to insure yourself of knowing who would be the best architect to design your dream home wouldn't you look at all your available possibilities previous work and then decide?

It is important that we have a choice, it is important for this country that we as citizens make that choice. But to rightfully make that choice, we must study our possibilities. Don't vote Republican because your parents are Republicans, and don't vote Democrat because your friends are Democrats. Understand that both sides represent democracy, listen to the people that represent both sides; then decide what type of country you want to live in and who is the best architect for the job.

To vote is the privilege of a free country; if we were not allowed to vote we would not be free. Take advantage of that freedom, appreciate it. When Election Day comes, vote! Be a part of the choice, the foundation is built and it's strong. As a nation we built it from drawings of the draftsman of the past. Who will be the future architects of America? Well that's your choice, don't forget to make it.

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