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Daniel J. Rocca

Author/Motivational Keynote Speaker

Daniel J. Rocca is the owner of CreatiVerve (A West Coast Marketing Solutions Firm) and author of the e-book "Marketing is the Answer" for your business, product, service & you."

Daniel brings over 14 years of experience as a Sales/Marketing Consultant and Author to his innovative efforts as the Owner/Director of CreatiVerve. Through results-driven programs he has been helping professionals build their brand, reputation, business, and income with cutting edge marketing strategies and innovate ideas since 1993.

Considered an expert in his field he has hands-on experience and personal knowledge in all forms of marketing; from custom graphic design, award winning websites, dependable database creations, hosting solutions, SEO, SEM, PPC, Link Popularity and other avenues of online marketing campaigns/strategies to relationship marketing, viral marketing, public relations, network marketing, brand/identity, guerrilla marketing, direct marketing, positioning and all forms of visual media advertising.

Mr. Rocca has spoken to countless business professionals and with/at many companies such as Practice Builders (a division of Ascend Media) in regards to the subject of marketing. As keynote speaker he is available to customize a marketing related event for you and/or your company upon request.

Keynote Speaker, Daniel J. Rocca

Keynote Speaker: Daniel J. Rocca

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