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by: Daniel J. Rocca
Owner/Director of CreatiVerve

The Many Reasons

There are many reasons why one website will rank high and another website will not.

Is your website listed in the (DMOZ) ODP? Is your website listed within the free encyclopedia (wikipedia)? Is your website listed on Alexa? Is your website listed in Is your website listed in Yahoo and Google? How many of your blogs are listed in Technorati?

How many websites are linking to your website? How many of these sites have a high page rank? How many of these sites are educational (.edu), non-profit (.org), or government (.gov) related? How many of these sites have a different IP address from a different IP block?

Is your website Search Engine Optimized (SEO)? Do you have the necessary files for the search engine robots (info.txt, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, feeds.xml, etc.) in your root directory? Is your website W3C compliant? Is your website cross system (PC, MAC, etc.) and cross browser (IE, Netscape, Safari, Opera, Mozilla-Firefox, etc.) compatible?

Are you updating the content on your website frequently? Do you have a Google AdWords, Google AdSense and/or Overture account setup? Is your website, product or service receiving positive reviews from the right credible, influential individuals and companies?

Do you pursue link purchases on highly ranked, highly recognizable, high traffic websites? Do you purchase links on directories and word cloud sites? Are your purchased links on the home page of some of these sites?

Is the text content of your website spelled correctly, written well and full of relative keyword phrases? Is your website address (URL) viewable on all of your collateral materials (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelope, Fax Cover, Postcards, Invoices, Print Ads, Signage, etc.)?

There are many reasons why a search engine or directory will list your website. There are many reasons why one website will rank high and another website will not. The criteria for the why and why not is forever changing but within the reasons why, there is a consistency... Marketing in one form or another is the Answer!

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