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by: Daniel J. Rocca
Owner/Director of CreatiVerve

A Balancing Act

A peaceful calm, an inner wealth, a burst of life and energy, a freshness, a smile, laughter, vibrancy, an intense happiness, freedom, harmony.

We all have our own ways of trying to find it. Whether our quest fails or succeeds, we become a great deal more knowledgeable with each try. Most of us have spent much time on the subject. Many are lost without it and many have been found because of it. During the search for this elusive state of mind and being, many doors are opened, many roads traveled and many aspects of our personal character are changed forever.

To a person wanting more out of his or her life, change is welcome. For better or worse, with change there is always a lesson to be learned. Some learn acceptance, some learn the importance of communication, while others are shown the gift of self worth. We are not limited to only these lessons - they are endless for people willing to challenge themselves.

Change, a fresh addition to a monotonous life, although very important and necessary, is not the most sought after consumer good. What very well may be is the balance that we all seek, yet seems to elude each and every one us. A peaceful calm, an inner wealth, a burst of life and energy, a freshness, a smile, laughter, vibrancy, an intense happiness, freedom, harmony. Bottle it and make millions - drink from the bottle and live knowing you are worth more.

If you were the richest person alive, you would have the ability to buy everything imaginable. In time 'everything imaginable' would age and you would begin looking for other ways to fulfill yourself. Once those ran out, you would start to wonder why you no longer felt a rush when you bought or tried something new. Sooner or later you would realize that you were only filling the existing depression, emptiness, sadness or void with short-term solutions.

It is at this time that you would start to seek a more balanced life. As a matter of fact, if the poorest man alive walked up to you with a bottle in one hand and a sign that read "balance in a bottle - priceless" in the other, you would give up everything you had to own it. But drinking from the bottle, then waiting to see what happened would prove you a fool. Balance cannot be bought, it is not for sale. If it were, the owner would be so rich he or she would put Bill Gates in the shade.

The path to balance is normally found from the bottom up. Once we hit bottom, either mentally, physically, or financially, there is nowhere to go but upa positive progression. This phase of life is a true testing ground for the human spirit. It is not easy to be at the bottom and great effort is required to get out. We must also become a student, regardless of our past rank, position or status in life. We must be able to listen if we want to learn and progress.

A strong spiritual belief system is a very important factor when it comes to completing yourself and seeking a balanced life. The spiritual relationship that a person has with their belief system should stay personal and should be considered individual. Everyone is different and everyone's belief is valid to him or her. Thought, meditation, or simply allowing yourself quiet times to get a new perspective, are all preservatives for the soul. Becoming a 'belief banger' is not an option and would only cause you more grief.

Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is an incredible asset to say the least. Knowing that through thought, all things are possible is the most important step to reaching any goal. Subconscious thought and absolute belief combined with conscious effort and focused energy can only bring positive results. Pessimistic thoughts and lack of belief, combined with no effort and little focus can only bring negative results. We are what we think, because thought forms.

When seeking balance, work life and home life should complement each other. If you are unhappy at work, you will rely heavily on your home life to satisfy you, which puts too much weight on one side. If you are unhappy at home, your work or studies will suffer. If we are unhappy it is only because we want to be. The decision to live a happy life or a repressed life lies within each of us. We decide how our lives will be lived. Some choose to put blame on others when asked why, but that just extends the problem. Others choose to take responsibility for their shortcomings, which allows them to learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals.

A healthy body and physical appearance are also requirements in the search for balance. If you eat correctly and take care of yourself physically, you will be promoting a better life. A healthy diet can become an addiction and ultimately a life long strategy. Staying in shape physically will not only afford you more options, you will also be more aware mentally and acquire much more energy.

The physical and mental sides of a human being hunger for activity and actually feed off each other. If the physical side is inactive, the mental side will be starved. If the physical side is active, the mental side will be stimulated and inspired. As in all forms of life, the more they are fed, the more they can grow. It is actually quite a paradox - energy spent creates more energy, unspent energy creates lethargy.

On the road to balance as well as in life itself, every element affects all others. When the spiritual, mental and physical sides of a human being are healthy, content and fulfilled, the positive aura of a person is very apparent. Positivity is a very attractive quality and it attracts opportunity. If the most beautiful person alive were full of negativity, he or she would become unattractive. If the ugliest person alive were full of positivity, they would suddenly become very attractive and welcome.

If balance is truly what you seek, a reversal of priority may be in order. Find happiness; seek excitement, stimulation, achievement and completion. Enjoy your life; stop worrying about what you don't have and start being grateful for what you do. A life spent chasing the all mighty dollar is a life not lived at all. Believe it or not, that mighty dollar will find you when your spiritual, mental and physical sides find equanimity.

Work on yourself; help as many people as you can along the way. Stop putting blame on others for your position or financial status; you make the decisions, hold yourself accountable. Forgive others and forgive yourself; start looking forward and stop looking back. Feed your body healthy foods and your mind knowledge; exercise your physical side and get in touch with your spiritual side. Be thankful for your experiences and every opportunity you receive. Remember those who have helped you and treat people as you wish to be treated.

This is our stage; we are all actors in the longest running show mankind has ever known. What an unbelievable gift we have been given; starring roles in the ultimate play entitled "Life - A Balancing Act."

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